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How to Create a Business Page on Facebook for a Cafe or Restaurant

Date: 25-Jul-2019

Maybe it’s been at the back of your mind for a while. Maybe your staff members are nagging you about it. Either way - it’s time to admit that your cafe or restaurant needs a Facebook page.

It really is non-negotiable. While rumours often circulate about how Facebook is facing an impending death and all of the youngsters are hanging out on Instagram now, this just isn’t the case. In fact, 2018 statistics showed that Facebook still had 15 million monthly active users in 

Australia alone. It remains our most highly-used social media platform and people are still interacting with businesses there.


But what if you have no idea how to create a business page on Facebook?

That’s where we come in. While you may have mastered the basics of your personal Facebook profile, you’ve probably never set up a page or group, managed it on an ongoing basis or created any ads.

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not as complicated as you might think! And anyone that already has a profile can do it. 

Follow our step-by-step guide to creating a business page on Facebook and reap the benefits of creating this new avenue of communication with your customers. This guide is based on pages for cafes and restaurants, but any kind of business can use it.


Step 1: Choose what type of page you want to create

Getting started is simple. To create your page, just open Facebook and click the “create” link at the top bar. (You’ll find it next to your profile and home links.) If that’s not there, click the little arrow in the top right hand corner and find the option to create or manage pages.

You’ll then be taken to a screen that lets you specify the type of page you want to run. Is it a “business or brand” or a “community or public figure” page? In this case, choose the former by hitting the “Get Started” button below ‘Business or Brand’.


Step 2: Name your page

Now’s the time to create an identity for your page. The page name will usually just be the name of your business. You can then select its category (restaurant, cafe, etc.) and your option will open up more fields that allows you to add an address and contact details.

Do not skip the address fields! This is how new customers that are looking for places to eat in your area will find you. It’s also important that people know you’re a real business that has a real location. When you’re done, hit “continue”.

Don’t click the box that says “don’t show my address”. You want to make yourself as visible as possible. Note: Coffee Beanz is not a real place at 1 Melbourne Road, Melbourne! This is for explanation purposes only.


Step 3: Add a profile picture

Now you get to add a profile picture to help you stand out in the crowd a little. You can choose what this image is. Some businesses choose a logo, others upload a photograph of their venue, while others show off some lip-smacking food photography.

Whichever you choose, make sure it’s a high-resolution image that won’t pixelate (something above 1000x1000 pixels). For more information on choosing a strong profile picture and ensuring it’s the right size, see this post.

This then brings you to the next step - adding your cover photo. That’s the larger, banner-type photo at the top of your page. Use this to really appeal to the senses and inspire new customers. You know those mouth-watering, flaky pastries you’ve just added to the menu? Get a high-quality image of them and show off what you specialise in.


Step 4: Fill out your info

Your page now exists in the Facebook world! You’ll be taken to your business’ home screen which shows you what other Facebook users see. 

Now that you have a page, it’s time to offer more information to users. Use the menu below your profile picture and click “About”. You’ll notice the page is looking a little bare and needs some more info.

Now is the time to fill out as much as you can. This gives new customers some background about your business - what type of food do you sell? How long have you been operating for? What makes you different?

Ensure you add your website and as much contact information as possible. You can even put your menu on your page to further tempt visitors into booking a table!

And one final bit of info to make sure you enter: your opening hours! So much business is lost when online opening hours are contradictory or unclear. Customers won’t risk showing up at a closed cafe or restaurant, so be really clear about when you’re open.
Do you have any questions or need clarification? What other tips would you have for people starting their first business page? Get in touch with us