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5 Hot Chocolate Recipes That Will Make You Stand Out This Winter

Date: 11-Jul-2019

This winter we’re craving something a little sweeter. As the days and nights are cooling down, your customers want to wrap their hands around the ultimate comfort in a cup: the hot chocolate.

Put your café on the map and appeal to little and big kids alike, with our 5 hot chocolate recipes that will make you stand out in a country that can’t get enough hot beverages! Say goodbye to the basic pumpkin spiced latte and welcome in new twists on the old classic.

1. Real melted chocolate with sea salt whipped cream


Image source: Flickr

The richest, most decadent hot chocolate doesn’t come from cocoa powder; it comes from melted chips of quality, chocolatey goodness. When you melt down chocolate pieces with a high percentage of cocoa into milk, you’ll treat your customers to a sweet, lip-smacking delight they haven’t tried before. 

Top it off with house-made whipped cream made from whipping cream, sugar, cocoa powder and sea salt that will slowly ooze into the chocolate drink and add a slightly salty flavour. You can find out how to make this recipe right here to see for yourself how sea salt makes all the difference!

2. Peanut butter hot chocolate


Image source: pexels.com

If you’re nuts about peanut butter, why not incorporate the iconic flavour into your hot chocolate menu? We found a recipe so tasty, your customers will never know how simple it is! With just five easy steps, you’ll be able to offer a steaming mug of peanut butter-flavoured hot choccie.

Added tip: keep stocked up on mini marshmallows, which will add to the aesthetics of any drink you serve and earn your cafe some serious Instagram points!

3. Frozen hot chocolate


Image source: pexels.com

Okay… we know winter in Melbourne doesn’t usually have us calling out for ice-cold drinks, but frozen hot chocolates are a clear favourite amongst kids who’ll enjoy them so much, they might even give their parents a few moments' peace during a shopping trip or family day out.

Serving up frozen delights couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require your baristas to pre-chill anything. Simply blend cocoa powder with warm milk, ice, cream and syrup and serve in glasses with whipped cream. For more details, check out this recipe.

4. Nutella hot chocolate


Image source: pexels.com

Hazelnut hot chocolate makes for the perfect winter warmer. Treat your customers to a bubbling, frothing, creamy treat of a drink, that’s bursting with chocolate, marshmallows and Nutella! It’s the sheer overindulgence that will have them lining up.

All it takes is the combination of hot milk, Nutella, cocoa powder and sugar, and of course any optional toppings that give your café the sweet name it deserves. Think hazelnuts, marshmallows, chocolate chips or … more Nutella. Get the full recipe and a video here.

5. Boozy coconut hot chocolate


Are you a go-to venue for boozy brunches? Would you like to be? This coconut hot chocolate is an indulgence that’s perfect during anytime of the day and gets the right balance of richness and lightness, with a summery aftertaste we’re all craving when the days get a little darker.

This recipe uses coconut rum, coconut flakes, whole milk, and real white and dark chocolate. It’s a fine luxury that could just become a menu staple.